Five ways Wi-Fi works as an asset to branch and remote offices

Five ways Wi-Fi works as an asset to branch and remote offices

Many enterprises establish branch and remote offices to be closer to customers, take advantage of local talent, and save on costs. Yet these offices are often shafted with being able to replicate the same warm welcome that's received at headquarters.

New Railway Station Use Case

Getting Commuters and Travelers Connected: New Railway Station Use Case

Request a demo today and see how offering guest Wi-Fi at railway stations can enhance the traveling experience of those en route to their destination.

Valentines day

How restaurants can show diners love this Valentine’s Day

Let’s review some of the digital strategies that restaurants can implement to ensure happy hearts (and stomachs) this Valentine’s Day.


Looking ahead: Wi-Fi trends to look out for in 2017

Businesses are constantly thinking about what new technology can be used to help reach customers. With so many shiny new gadgets out on the market, an often taken-for-granted yet very crucial infrastructure is Wi-Fi.

become a Volare Partner

Upcoming Webinar: Seize a new guest Wi-Fi opportunity, become a Volare Partner!

There’s a huge market opportunity in guest Wi-Fi and we’re on a quest to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that will join us in becoming front-runners in this new and rapidly-growing industry.

Shop, save and connect:
New department store use case

Get a demo of our new sample use case of a high-end dealership named Casey's and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

It's a new year which means time to find new ways to 'WOW' your customers. Guest Wi-Fi has proven itself to be latest and most effective tool to help retailers reach and engage their in-store shoppers.

4 guest Wi-Fi opportunities service providers need to seize in 2017

Guest Wi-Fi has become a necessity for businesses all of sizes. Enterprises need to support BYOD for both employees and visitors, while SMBs need to meet the demand from on-site visitors.

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Restaurants have increasingly become more reliant on technology to do well. Today, reservations are made online, ordering can be done digitally, reviews are left on apps, and pictures are posted on social media.

Cheat Sheet

4 ways guest Wi-Fi can accelerate the digital transformation process

Shopper behavior evolves with technology, and retailers must keep up. How can Wi-Fi help? Find out in our newest cheat sheet - 4 ways advanced guest Wi-Fi can drive the digital transformation process.

Kalea Furniture

How Wi-Fi in furniture stores can make shoppers feel more at home

We've got a new use case ready for you to demo. Kalea Furniture is an upscale home goods brand featuring modern yet timeless furniture.

Wi-Fi analytics

Using Wi-Fi analytics to influence retailers’ business strategy at key sales periods

Advanced Wi-Fi platforms can then serve up a host of invaluable customer information, including presence and location data.

Volare update

Volare 6.3 Release Note

We've been busy crunching away, making improvements to the Volare platform.


How gas stations and auto repair shops can use Wi-Fi to increase customer loyalty

We've got a new sample use case available to those thinking about offering guest Wi-Fi at their gas stations and auto repairs shops.

car dealership

Make the car dealership experience more bearable, see our new use case

Do you own a car dealership and want to provide Wi-Fi to your customers? Get a demo of our new sample use case of a high-end dealership named Capalli and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

OTT Wi-Fi services to SMBs

How service providers can remain competitive by offering OTT Wi-Fi services to SMBs

Over-the-top Wi-Fi services is changing how service providers compete in the SMB space.

IPIN 2016: Cloud4Wi submitting a paper on “Wi-Fi probes as digital crumbs for crowd localization.”

Pleased to announce the Cloud4Wi paper submitted to IPIN 2016: “Wi-Fi probes as digital crumbs for crowd localization.” Check it out!

Attract and retain shoppers

Attract and retain shoppers using guest Wi-Fi

Wonder how shopping centers can benefit from a seamless and branded guest Wi-Fi experience? Request a demo to learn more.

grocery chains

Improve the guest Wi-Fi experience at grocery chains

Check out our latest use case: "Corner Market", a sample grocery chain. Request a demo to see Volare in action!

Partnering With Cloud4Wi

Seize Guest Wi-Fi New Opportunities By Partnering With Cloud4Wi

Last chance to register for our webinar “Guest Wi-Fi: A New Gold Rush Opportunity for Volare Partners.”

Guest Wi-Fi global management

Guest Wi-Fi global management made simple

Learn how you can extend the power of guest Wi-Fi to global business opportunities.

Digital360 Award

Cloud4Wi Wins the Digital360 Award for Retail

Cloud4Wi, honored for its role in the ground-breaking Wi-Life Station project along with partners Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and Almaviva.