Bus company use case

Wi-Fi on Transportation Fleets: New Bus Company Use Case

Fleet-wide Wi-Fi is in high demand these days. Get a demo of our new use case to see how we're keeping passengers happy.

diners coming back

How to keep diners coming back

Your guest Wi-Fi is more than just an amenity to your diners. It’s a powerful business tool that can be used to keep diners engaged and coming back.

brand management

How ads can help build your brand

Cloud4Wi’s guest Wi-Fi platform was created with brand management in mind, and creating display advertisements is one way we are helping businesses build their brand.

Retail Solution Brief

Retail Solution Brief

In-store shoppers are increasingly using their devices to get online, search for their favorite
purchases, check item specifications, compare prices and read reviews.

personalized offers

Successfully drive personalized offers

Guest Wi-Fi gives businesses the tools they need to reach specific customers with targeted personal offers at precisely the right time.


How can you get customers wanting to receive emails from your restaurant?

Today more than ever, people are attached to their mobile devices: our phones have become integrated with our dining experiences.

compliant with the law

Trying to collect customer information? Make sure you’re compliant with the law first.

Tracking login analytics can help businesses see what works and what doesn’t. But doing so requires compliance with local privacy regulations.

Brand building with triggered campaigns

Brand building with triggered campaigns

The not-so-secret approach to successfully building a meaningful brand is to make sure it resonates with customers and inspires loyalty.

restaurant guest wifi

Excellent in-restaurant experiences start with training staff

Free guest Wi-Fi has almost become expected inside restaurants, and we’re sharing a few tips on how restaurants can get the most out of offering guest Wi-Fi.

powerful database

Trying to grow distribution lists? Be flexible.

Guest Wi-Fi can help grow marketing distribution lists by gathering personal information during the onboarding process.

Build your Brand

Brand building with custom Welcome Portals

Customers want a sense of personal connection, and guest Wi-Fi is the latest innovation businesses have been relying on to provide that touch.

Guest Wi-Fi Bridges The Online/Offline Divide

Closing the Gap: Guest Wi-Fi Bridges the Online/Offline Digital Divide

Only a small portion of retailers are using Wi-Fi to its full potential. Read the new white paper by Retail TouchPoints to discover more.

Coworking Space

Getting entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers connected: New Coworking Space Use Case

Get a demo of our new sample use case of a coworking space named Be.Work and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

Five ways Wi-Fi works as an asset to branch and remote offices

Five ways Wi-Fi works as an asset to branch and remote offices

Many enterprises establish branch and remote offices to be closer to customers, take advantage of local talent, and save on costs. Yet these offices are often shafted with being able to replicate the same warm welcome that's received at headquarters.

New Railway Station Use Case

Getting Commuters and Travelers Connected: New Railway Station Use Case

Request a demo today and see how offering guest Wi-Fi at railway stations can enhance the traveling experience of those en route to their destination.

Valentines day

How restaurants can show diners love this Valentine’s Day

Let’s review some of the digital strategies that restaurants can implement to ensure happy hearts (and stomachs) this Valentine’s Day.


Looking ahead: Wi-Fi trends to look out for in 2017

Businesses are constantly thinking about what new technology can be used to help reach customers. With so many shiny new gadgets out on the market, an often taken-for-granted yet very crucial infrastructure is Wi-Fi.

become a Volare Partner

Upcoming Webinar: Seize a new guest Wi-Fi opportunity, become a Volare Partner!

There’s a huge market opportunity in guest Wi-Fi and we’re on a quest to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that will join us in becoming front-runners in this new and rapidly-growing industry.

Shop, save and connect:
New department store use case

Get a demo of our new sample use case of a high-end dealership named Casey's and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

It's a new year which means time to find new ways to 'WOW' your customers. Guest Wi-Fi has proven itself to be latest and most effective tool to help retailers reach and engage their in-store shoppers.

4 guest Wi-Fi opportunities service providers need to seize in 2017

Guest Wi-Fi has become a necessity for businesses all of sizes. Enterprises need to support BYOD for both employees and visitors, while SMBs need to meet the demand from on-site visitors.

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Restaurants have increasingly become more reliant on technology to do well. Today, reservations are made online, ordering can be done digitally, reviews are left on apps, and pictures are posted on social media.

Cheat Sheet

4 ways guest Wi-Fi can accelerate the digital transformation process

Shopper behavior evolves with technology, and retailers must keep up. How can Wi-Fi help? Find out in our newest cheat sheet - 4 ways advanced guest Wi-Fi can drive the digital transformation process.

Building the store of the future through Wi-Fi and IT integration

Building the store of the future through Wi-Fi and IT integration

With ever-advancing competition from e-commerce continuing to impact retail footfall, traditional retailers are fighting to entice shoppers into their physical stores. While free in-store Wi-Fi has long been seen as a reluctant necessity by businesses, it has the potential to be so much more than just a perk for customers.