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Upcoming Webinar: Seize a new guest Wi-Fi opportunity, become a Volare Partner!

There’s a huge market opportunity in guest Wi-Fi and we’re on a quest to build strong, long-lasting partnerships that will join us in becoming front-runners in this new and rapidly-growing industry.

Shop, save and connect:
New department store use case

Get a demo of our new sample use case of a high-end dealership named Casey’s and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

Three ways to use Wi-Fi to wow your customers

It’s a new year which means time to find new ways to ‘WOW’ your customers. Guest Wi-Fi has proven itself to be latest and most effective tool to help retailers reach and engage their in-store shoppers.

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Serving guest Wi-Fi to hungry diners

Restaurants have increasingly become more reliant on technology to do well. Today, reservations are made online, ordering can be done digitally, reviews are left on apps, and pictures are posted on social media.

Cheat Sheet

4 ways guest Wi-Fi can accelerate the digital transformation process

Shopper behavior evolves with technology, and retailers must keep up. How can Wi-Fi help? Find out in our newest cheat sheet – 4 ways advanced guest Wi-Fi can drive the digital transformation process.

Kalea Furniture

How Wi-Fi in furniture stores can make shoppers feel more at home

We’ve got a new use case ready for you to demo. Kalea Furniture is an upscale home goods brand featuring modern yet timeless furniture.


How gas stations and auto repair shops can use Wi-Fi to increase customer loyalty

We’ve got a new sample use case available to those thinking about offering guest Wi-Fi at their gas stations and auto repairs shops.

car dealership

Make the car dealership experience more bearable, see our new use case

Do you own a car dealership and want to provide Wi-Fi to your customers? Get a demo of our new sample use case of a high-end dealership named Capalli and see how you can enhance the customer experience.

IPIN 2016: Cloud4Wi submitting a paper on “Wi-Fi probes as digital crumbs for crowd localization.”

Pleased to announce the Cloud4Wi paper submitted to IPIN 2016: “Wi-Fi probes as digital crumbs for crowd localization.” Check it out!

Attract and retain shoppers

Attract and retain shoppers using guest Wi-Fi

Wonder how shopping centers can benefit from a seamless and branded guest Wi-Fi experience? Request a demo to learn more.

grocery chains

Improve the guest Wi-Fi experience at grocery chains

Check out our latest use case: “Corner Market”, a sample grocery chain. Request a demo to see Volare in action!

Partnering With Cloud4Wi

Seize Guest Wi-Fi New Opportunities By Partnering With Cloud4Wi

Last chance to register for our webinar “Guest Wi-Fi: A New Gold Rush Opportunity for Volare Partners.”

Guest Wi-Fi global management

Guest Wi-Fi global management made simple

Learn how you can extend the power of guest Wi-Fi to global business opportunities.


Microtargeting: Five ways guest Wi-Fi drives smart and personalized offers to customers

Cloud4Wi is an expert in microtargeting over Wi-Fi and offers effective tips to create successful campaigns.

Data Sheet

Cloud4Wi Data Sheet

Volare takes the complexity out of guest Wi-Fi and helps businesses engage their customers in meaningful ways.


Overcoming the brick-and-mortar struggle

Learn how to overcome the brick-and-mortar struggle using guest Wi-Fi to personally engage your customers.

Build your Brand

4 Ways to Build your Brand using Guest Wi-Fi

Customers want a sense of personal connection when it comes to brands, and guest Wi-Fi can be used to build brands in a way that inspires loyalty.

Cloud4Wi Wi-Fi Service and User Analytics Application Brief

Cloud4Wi Wi-Fi Service and User Analytics Application Brief

Based on the growth in demand for guest Wi-Fi, businesses are realizing that they can achieve in-depth customer insights.

Cloud4Wi Guest Wi-Fi Application Brief

Businesses are starting to realize guest Wi-Fi has become a necessity for their brick-and-mortar locations.

in-store wifi experience

Bricks, Clicks, and The Evolving Retail Landscape

With advanced guest Wi-Fi implementation, retailers have a firm foundation for reshaping the retail landscape to benefit both shoppers and the business.

Five essential strategies for building a powerful database using guest Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi is a unique tool for creating marketing lists while respecting your customers’ privacy.

Get ready to create the future of Wi-Fi experience in restaurants

Volare is a future-proof technology that gives restaurants a competitive advantage to personally engage patrons through advanced guest Wi-Fi.

Cloud4Wi Solution Brief

Cloud4Wi offers Volare™, an advanced guest Wi-Fi platform that gets customers connected to Wi-Fi, while providing businesses what was once web-only insights.

Restaurant Solution Brief

Volare provides restaurants the opportunity to get diners connected and engaged, driving revenue in ways never possible before.

Presence and Location Analytics

New Application Brief: Presence and Location Analytics

Check out our new Presence and Location Analytics Application Brief to learn more about Volare, and start thinking about how you can improve your brick-and-mortar locations.

Introducing Volare - Advanced Guest Wi-Fi Platform

Introducing Volare – Advanced Guest Wi-Fi Platform

Get a glimpse into Volare, our beautifully redesigned platform, and see what it has to offer.Check out our new video introducing Volare, and see the powerful possibilities behind guest Wi-Fi.

Retail Solution Brief

Check out our new Retail Solution Brief to see how our new Volare platform can help retailers leverage guest Wi-Fi to boost business.

Guest Wi-Fi

How guest Wi-Fi can help retailers in the digital era

Guest Wi-Fi can help retailers redesign their physical stores according to the paradigms of the digital era.

Cloud4Wi Secures Funding

Cloud4Wi Secures Funding to Accelerate Company Growth

Cloud4Wi, an advanced Guest Wi-Fi platform, just secured $8 million in funding.

Big Data

Cloud4Wi partnering with University of Pisa to offer the Master Big Data course

The Master Big Data course is designed to train data scientists with skills not only to extract data, but also to tell stories and support innovative services.

restaurant guest wifi

Five essential strategies for Guest Wi-Fi in restaurants

Create a consistent Guest Wi-Fi experience in restaurants, learn more about your customers and engage them effectively.

Interested to know what Cloud4Wi can do for your retail business? Request a demo today!

Get ready to create the future of in-store Wi-Fi experience

Discover the power of the Cloud4Wi platform to create an effective retail Guest Wi-Fi experience.

Branded Guest Wi-Fi

Deliver a fast, easy and branded Guest Wi-Fi experience

Advanced Guest Wi-Fi empowers retailers to assist customers through their shopping journey.

restaurant wifi

Guest Wi-Fi trends in restaurants

Restaurants can promote their brand, learn about their customers and better engage them through Guest Wi-Fi.

Advanced Guest Wi-Fi

Advanced Guest Wi-Fi: The key to boosting your business

Advanced Guest Wi-Fi is a powerful new opportunity for retailers and restaurants to engage customers and learn more about their habits and preferences.

Cloud4Wi at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Cloud4Wi team spent the morning visiting some of the finest Italian old monuments and culture. Studying the past in order to build a great future.

Collaborating and Special Guests at Cloud4Wi’s Corporate Kickoff

We’re taking full advantage of our time together in Pisa. With roadmap discussions to build out something big, it’s going to be a busy year ahead for us.

Cloud4Wi 2016 Corporate Kick Off

This week, we’re bringing together Cloud4Wi’s global team to meet face-to-face in Pisa, Italy. The agenda includes plans to build out the greatest Guest Wi-Fi solution in 2016.

The Cloud4Wi new and improved blog!

Based on your feedback, we have made some changes to the blog to help you find information faster and in a simple way.

Teaming up with SkyBiz in our San Francisco headquarter

SkyBiz is an Internet service provider owned by SKYCABLE, the largest cable operator and broadcaster in the Philippines.

Cloud4Wi is proud to be confirmed as a Wireless Broadband Alliance member

Cloud4Wi is proud to be confirmed as a Wireless Broadband Alliance member. As part of our membership we will be attending the main Global Congress events including the next Wi-Fi Global Congress in London

Joyful Greetings from our team at Cloud4Wi!

May your holiday season be filled with cheer and celebration!

Cloud4Wi winner of the Transatlantic Awards 2014

Cloud4Wi is proud to announce to have received the Transatlantic Awards 2014 by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy for the expansion of its business to the US.

Cloud4Wi winner of the “Hottest Companies in San Francisco” award

Cloud4Wi is proud to announce to have been listed on the “Hottest companies in San Francisco” by Lead411. This list recognizes the fastest growing technology companies in San Francisco area.

Cloud4Wi just arrived at San Francisco!

Cloud4Wi just landed in San Francisco to boost the business growth in North America!