4 guest Wi-Fi opportunities service providers need to seize in 2017

Guest Wi-Fi has become a necessity for businesses all of sizes. Enterprises need to support BYOD for both employees and visitors, while SMBs need to meet the demand from on-site visitors.

Wi-Fi analytics

Using Wi-Fi analytics to influence retailers’ business strategy at key sales periods

Advanced Wi-Fi platforms can then serve up a host of invaluable customer information, including presence and location data.

OTT Wi-Fi services to SMBs

How service providers can remain competitive by offering OTT Wi-Fi services to SMBs

Over-the-top Wi-Fi services is changing how service providers compete in the SMB space.

Guest Wi-Fi global management

Guest Wi-Fi global management made simple

Learn how you can extend the power of guest Wi-Fi to global business opportunities.


Advanced guest Wi-Fi: The answer to 8 crucial business questions

Advanced guest Wi-Fi can be a strategic asset in building customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Guest Wi-Fi gives brick-and-mortar stores a high-touch advantage

Guest Wi-Fi can help develop, maintain, and extend your brand’s personal relationship with customers.

retail guest wifi

The CIO’s role in driving retail transformation

Advanced guest Wi-Fi platforms, such as Cloud4Wi’s Volare™ help retailers develop actionable customer insights.

restaurant Wi-Fi

Why restaurant Wi-Fi is one of your most important investments

Offering Wi-Fi in restaurants gives you a competitive advantage in the sense of tracking customers’ behaviors and delivering personalized content.

guest wi-fi

Reducing complexity in guest Wi-Fi platform management

Cloud4Wi’s Volare platform is unique in combining Wi-Fi, analytics, and marketing into an easy to manage platform that defeats complexity.

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics driven by shopper data from advanced guest Wi-Fi

Presence Analytics and Location Analytics are part of the Volare platform and drive the retail analytics process.

Guest Wi-Fi builds opt-in marketing lists,
available nowhere else

Offering guest Wi-Fi builds a qualified marketing list, which includes real customers who have agreed to receive your promotional communications.

Location-based services

Location-based services delight customers in retail stores and malls

Cloud4Wi offers retailers the power of customer engagement, analytics and now, location-based services to deliver relevant content to shoppers in real time.

Customer Engagement

Guest Wi-Fi: The foundation of in-store customer engagement

Companies that seek to increase customer engagement must offer Guest Wi-Fi to provide the essential link between online shopping and the in-store experience.

Proximity marketing: Create maximum engagement with customers

Proximity marketing: Create maximum engagement with customers

Cloud4Wi can track customers as they roam your location and engage them in customized promotions.

WiFi Hotspot management

Wi-Fi Hotspot management across your locations

Cloud4Wi allows some management functions to be delegated to the local level, enabling managers to customize their store’s Wi-Fi hotspot to current events and promotions.

Hotels’ Wi-Fi Analytics